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Doug Whitmore

Ownership and Business Development – 27 years. For almost three decades, I have been honing my business skills through vision, leadership, and management development, with experience and knowledge in virtually every type and aspect of business. My first business (1981) was a start up, sole proprietorship in the retail and service business. Over a ten-year span, I built this to over $1 million in annual revenue with two locations and eleven employees. Then, in my second business (1996), I partnered with a struggling construction business, to help turn it around. As President, and through my direction, we implemented the vision, leadership, and systems to build our company’s future. Over a ten year span, we took it from $90,000 in annual sales to over $6 million with sixty employees.

Strategic Planning – 21 years.  I have been active in this practice almost since the concept began. I have been certified and taken courses all over the US to develop this process. I have used it in all my business endeavors knowing that “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

Leadership – 11 years.  I have both been certified and trained extensively on this topic. Even within my own companies, I set aside time on a weekly basis to meet with all employees who chose to participate on the topic of leadership, because I knew of its importance. Knowing improvement in people is the best way to improve my companies.

Peer to Peer – 7 years. I was one of the original members of an owners group in Iowa. During that time, I started at the formation of the board and was a current member of the board considered to be the highest performing group. In that time, I had been selected from the forty business owners to lead the strategic planning for the board members as well as received the highest award the board offers.

Areas of Expertise
• Fundamentals of business
• Personal and Business development in harmony
• Leadership education and enforcement
• Productivity
• Systems development

Personal Accomplishments
• National awards in business
• Chamber of Commerce “Businessman of Year”
• Construction company voted best in industry locally seven years running
• Awarded honorary Masters Degree for Business Improvement in 2003
• Awarded honorary Doctorate Degree for Business Leadership in 2005