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Finding the common “Cents” in Construction

Successful business owners in construction have three things in common

  1. They know what they want.
  2. They know how to get work done as efficiently as possible.
  3. They know how to control their processes for best results.

No business owner in construction should want a business that barely makes it. One that has cash-flow problems, employee issues, customer issues, and does not build his/her net worth. Your business should be a tool that gives you what you want – wealth. Wealth is money and the things that it can do. Money gives you the time, energy, freedom, and funds to use as you desire. As a business owner in construction, to achieve wealth, you have to build a business that works and eventually creates financial independence. Your money must work for you. You should not just be working for just enough money to stay alive. Wealth is freedom! It gives you choices and allows you to enjoy your business and personal life.

Your business should give you what you want! The purpose for your business is not to make you miserable, consume all your time, make you upset about your employees, cause you to despise your customers, or have financial stress. Most of the time, I run into struggling business owners who are always shooting for “MORE” – MORE sales, MORE jobs, MORE customers, MORE profit, or MORE of the same.  They’re always chasing bad business saying yes and being too optimistic about the reality of the situation.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

Is your business giving you what you want? If not, your only choice is to change the way you think. It might seem easier to change your employees, customers, or suppliers. Nevertheless, to get what you want, you have to make the big change and change yourself. Change the way you do business, manage, prioritize, work, and lead. In short, you have to get yourself on target first, and your business will follow!

Imagine your business is “Working for you” and meets your personal goals. To achieve that goal, you will have to start working on your business to reap the ultimate benefits ownership should provide – time, fun, freedom, equity, and wealth.

Your current results in planning, people, performance, and processes are the number one indicator of the profits you are or are not making. When you are not getting the profits you want from your business, it’s due to a lack of understanding, balance, and control in these areas. After all, profits are the residual benefit equal to how well your business is working for you. While it is easy to blame your employees, suppliers, competition, or customers, it always starts with you!

“Aim at nothing… hit it every time!”

What will you do different to get what you want? Few know the answers or the direction in which to look. We all envision that if we had a special skill and started a business, eventually wealth would come. Unfortunately, that is not how it usually works in the construction Industry. In the life cycle of a business (particularly a growing business), everything changes and your knowledge must evolve with it if you want to achieve your goals. The only difference in the level of one’s success versus anyone else’s is the level of investment he/she has made in knowledge, skills, and desire. Are you willing to sacrifice a little of your time and money to work on your business for the wealth you desire?  Or, would you rather keep on doing what you are currently doing and getting the same results you always have?

This leads me to one of the most important things I’ve learned while helping those who want to improve in this industry.  It’s rarely about the desire, or they wouldn’t have gotten in the business.  It’s always about time and money. Yes, of course, they’d like to improve their business some day when they get more time and money.  Well, friends, I’m sorry to tell you, but that’s not how it works in the construction industry. The amount of money you make will be equal to the value of your improvements. This I understand quite well having owned two businesses and taking my construction company from $90,000 in revenue the first year to over $6,000,000 by the tenth year with over 60 employees.  All the while, one of my biggest challenges during this period was trying to find the right help I could afford and the time to use it.

The other thing that frustrated me, just as much, was the fact I could never find someone who wanted to coach me at the level I was. They all wanted to come in for two weeks and analyze my business, hand me 100 pages of fancy suggestions, collect around $40,000, and leave. At that time, I wasn’t smart enough to understand it let alone implement everything. Business, especially in construction, is already to complicated.  You must get the basics first if you want a solid foundation from which to work .

 “Failing to Plan means Planning to Fail”

This leads me to my mission and what I have to offer you. It’s my ambition to help as many small business owners in the construction industry as possible through an email system that will be inexpensive and provide a great value. For only $69 a month, if you pay for the whole year in advance, or $79 a month, if you make 12 monthly payments, I will help you begin to take the steps necessary to go from your current position to the one you desire. If you are currently struggling or just looking to improve on what you are already doing, I know you will find this package very beneficial.  It is my goal to provide you the education and tools needed to increase profits by at least 10% over the first year. Keep in mind, that is my goal, but all I can do is provide opportunity.  The results will be up to you.

The value in this is simple.  I will help you take the confusion out of construction by understanding the common “cents” in construction. Since you’re already in the game and looking to improve, it tells me one thing, your Performance isn’t as good as you’d like it. After all, as you will learn later “Performance is equal to Profit,” which is where the focus of this program is. Most understand the cost to play this game “If you do enough work at the right price and manage costs, you will be in the game.”  However, if you want to win “you must know how to get the most work done at the best price and control costs.” The biggest problem in construction is it’s easy to get in the game, but few ever figure how to play the game.

To find the common “cents” in construction you must…

Plan your Position

  • Company – Prime/Sub, Residential/Commercial, Provider
  • Customer – Product, Market, Profile
  • Employee – Behaviors, Benefits, Compensation

Manage your Performance

  • Company – Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow
  • Customer – Service, Quality, Price
  • Employee – Labor, Materials, Equipment, Subcontractors

Control your Processes

  • Company – Job costs, Overhead, Profit
  • Customer – Proposals, Contracts, Close Outs
  • Employee – Hiring/Firing, Evaluations, Discipline 

As you see here, it’s my goal to help you improve your profits by better understanding the project side of your business. I figure that since you are already in business, the best thing to do for now is to learn how to perform profitably. Then, as you are making money, it will be a lot easier to go back and begin to make the other corrections as you desire.

Each month you will receive;

  1. A write up on the basic concepts for that month so you can make sense of the big picture. (Even if you don’t find time to do any more then read this, you’ll get your value out of this package)
  2. Basic tools necessary for that month to support what we’re working on. (Such as an Employee Handbook, Labor Burden, Equipment Cost to own and operate, Project Management, Cash Flow, and so on)
  1. And process structures you can use to control the actions of your company. (Such as controlling customer service through proposals, contracts, and close outs, or controlling employee productivity through the evaluation process)

As an added bonus if you sign up and have your money in by the first of January, I will send you my Leadership package free. This alone is a $700 value and comes in Power Point format so you can study yourself and use as a tool to share with others in your business, if you so wish.

The Leadership package includes:

  1. Emerging Leadership Process
  2. Becoming a Leader
  3. An Effective Leadership Style
  4. Organizations and Creativity
  5. Successful Communication Skills
  6. Time Management
  7. Delegating and Monitoring
  8. Decision Making and Problem Solving

Please click here on Common “Cents” package to get more detail about what we’ll be covering for the next 12 months.